Britain’s best buy-to-let areas

Britain’s best buy-to-let areas

It’s not always easy to break down Britain’s best buy-to-let locations because first, we have to talk about the criteria for the best areas to invest in, with some better than others for different reasons.

There are some objective measures we can take into consideration such as rental yields, rental demand, rental price increases and also property value increases.

Manchester has dominated these lists for some years now, with many of the areas around the city increasing in value and popularity, but many other regions across the north west, north east and midlands are now following suit and seeing huge surges in popularity following the pandemic.

Britain’s best buy-to-let areas:


When looking at the best buy-to-let areas in Britain, we may as well start with our aforementioned regular entrant, Manchester, as the north west city remains one of the hottest places to invest in buy-to-let property in the UK.

With many up-and-coming areas such as Stockport, Bury and Rochdale, demand remains seriously strong around the Greater Manchester area.

Added to that are an average rental yield of over 5% across the area and a 4.2% average property price increase across the last year.

Manchester has remained popular for years, and with plenty of growth potential, the city is still a very good area to invest in.


The north east city has been a rising star when it comes to Britain’s best buy-to-let areas for a while now, with excellent transport connections and also integrated well into the wider north east area.

Cities such as Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham have all been seeing their local economies grow, as well as transport links between the cities and the wider north improve. There are also world-class universities across the region meaning lots of students studying and choosing to live around the area post-graduation.

The average rental yield in the city is also a huge 7.7%, meaning that the return on your investment is, relatively, very high. As a passive income on an appreciating asset, that’s a fantastic return.


This Yorkshire city was named the UK’s city of culture in 2017, generating an estimated £220 million investment, and Hull has been on the up ever since; the local economy is booming, with jobs being created, students coming into the area in higher numbers and many moving into the city area.

Property in Hull is also a fantastic investment with a relatively low entry price – average prices are just £125,000 – and a very high average rental yield of 8.9%.

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