Northern residential property: Should I invest?

Northern residential property: Should I invest?

Often, we’re asked where in the UK our clients should concentrate their efforts to maximise their property investment strategy, and whether or not they should look towards northern residential property. 

It’s a tough question to answer, mainly because each investor’s circumstances are different. For example, what’s your budget? What kind of tenant would you like to attract? Are you more interested in price growth or rental income?

To give simply a postcode or town name isn’t particularly helpful as, again, different areas perform well due to different factors that may not suit all investors.

One thing we can say, however, is that the northern residential property investment right now is a very popular area, and for good reason.

Northern residential property

When we say the north, let’s consider anything north of the Midlands up to the Scottish border as the area under consideration, but we acknowledge that this is a very controversial subject, so please note it’s simply for the purposes of this piece.

Northern residential property has seen its popularity soar in recent times as more and more investors look away from the capital towards the lower purchase prices and higher yields available up north. This is only further highlighted by Zoopla’s best buy-to-let locations ranking, with a number of the areas boasting the highest property yields being found in the north of England.

English areas with the highest yields:

  1. Middlesbrough (7.7% gross annual yields)
  2. Sunderland (7.4% gross annual yields)
  3. County Durham (7.4% gross annual yields)
  4. Nottingham (7.3% gross annual yields)
  5. Hartlepool (7.3% gross annual yields)

Clearly, there’s a lean towards the north east of England here, however, other notable northern areas that you should be paying attention to include the likes of Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds, where a sizeable student population and relatively young working population mean that demand for rental property is extremely strong.

With the stock markets and crypto going through such an unstable time right now many investors are now looking for alternatives and, crucially, the entry price into property across these areas is relatively low, allowing investors to build a diverse portfolio.

Further, with average gross yields of 7.5% or higher in these areas, the returns and residual income from property investment are much better than stocks, shares or crypto, and, as you’ll be able to see from our website, we have a number of outstanding available properties across all these areas!

If northern residential property investment is something you’re interested in then a key recommendation is to speak to the experts, and if you’re looking for expert advice based on your circumstances then the solution is simple, get in touch with us today!

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