Preparing your rental property for the summer

Preparing your rental property for the summer

Although the weather might have you believing otherwise, spring has sprung in the UK which means that summer is just around the corner, so it’s time for landlords to start preparing their property for the summer months.

The spring and summer months are often the preferred times for many to do some DIY and light cosmetic work. It’s also the ideal time for landlords to make sure that their property is in top rental condition, whether it’s for your current tenants or potential tenants looking to move in. Here are a few tips for landlords to make sure their property is ready for the summer months:

Get the garden in shape

One thing we have learnt over the course of the last 12 months is how important a well-maintained outdoor space is when looking for a new home. Although the country is starting to open up again and we’re less reliant on our own gardens to enjoy the outdoors, a nice outdoor area is still a huge selling point for tenants, so it’s important that landlords bare this in mind when marketing their property or looking to retain their current tenants. It doesn’t take a huge amount of work to make your property’s garden look up to scratch – simply preening the flower beds and mowing the lawn will make your garden look instantly tidier and inviting for tenants. Remember to leave gardening equipment at the property so that tenants can easily maintain the garden whilst they’re living there.

Take care of the exterior of your property

The long winter months can be very gruelling on your property so it might be a good idea to give it some TLC once the spring rolls around. The harsh winter weather can affect the façade of the building and make it look as though it has seen better days. A lick of paint and getting the windows cleaned will give your property a fresh new look and improve the curb appeal by a huge amount. Other basic maintenance jobs like clearing out gutters and repairing any damage to the exteriors will not only improve the aesthetic of the property, but it will also reduce any maintenance issues further down the line.

…and don’t forget the interiors!

A spring clean is always a good idea after the long winter months, especially if you are looking to market your property to new tenants. Tenants always prefer properties that feel fresh and clean so it will be a good idea to give the upholstery and carpets a deep clean, give the walls a fresh lick of paint and check that all the white goods are in working order.

Safety first

We tend to spend more time out of the house during the summer (if the weather allows it, of course) which means that our homes are more susceptible to burglars, so it’s important to check that burglar alarms and security alarms are in working order. It’s also a good idea to remind tenants not to leave expensive items in plain sight of passers-by while they are away and encourage them to take out content’s insurance. You might also want to check that your home insurance policy is up to date to ensure that your property is protected against damage of any kind.

While these might seem like simple steps, they are essential to ensure that your tenants have a comfortable home to live in and that your property won’t be giving you headaches in the future.

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