Research reveals the UK’s ideal rental property

Research reveals the UK’s ideal rental property

Outdoor space tops the wish lists of UK tenants when searching for a rental property, research has revealed.

yieldit – which facilitates the sale of tenanted buy-to-let property – has carried out a survey of 500 renters in a bid to understand the changing demands of the market and educate the investors it works with.

According to data, almost half (42 per cent) of tenants seek a garden, terrace or balcony when searching for the ideal home and only 11 per cent would be content with a communal space.

Other features to top the list include parking (34 per cent) and modern interiors (27 per cent), while energy efficiency and high-speed internet connectivity were also included as desirables.

Ryan Hughes, head of sales at yieldit, said: ‘Unsurprisingly, factors like affordability and location remain the key drivers for someone choosing a property, but features are becoming increasingly important to tenants.

‘As the quality of rental properties coming to market improves, renters are becoming more discerning. Luxuries like integrated smart technology and amenities such as concierge and on-site gyms are becoming more commonplace and expectations are rising. If landlords want to achieve high yields, they need to sit up and take notice of what tenants want – it’s that simple.’

yieldit specialises in the sale of income generating buy-to-let property between investors and works with buyers and sellers to identify the true financial potential of a rental opportunity.

The survey was carried out by OnePoll. For more information, visit

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