The best of Manchester buy-to-let

The best of Manchester buy-to-let

One of the most important decisions regarding investment into buy-to-let property in the UK is the location of the property.

Many investors wonder about the best places across the country to invest their money in the medium and long term and that question may yield different answers depending on your circumstances. Plus, it’s true that, to a certain extent, these things tend to go in cycles across decades and what’s popular right now may not be in 20 years.

All that being said, UK property is a remarkably strong and resilient asset class and investment, especially when we take into consideration the wider economic circumstances at the moment.

If anything, we’re seeing a lot more traffic coming our way due to the fact that equities markets, the stock market and other traditional methods of investment are seeing tough times. Even modern instruments that had surged in popularity such as crypto coin and NFT’s have dropped significantly in value.

With that in mind, the UK property market has only risen in popularity as an investment and a way to protect and grow wealth.

One of the most popular markets in the UK at the moment is Manchester, so here we’ll take a look at Manchester buy-to-let property investment. /p>

Manchester buy-to-let

As a city, investment is absolutely booming. Manchester is considered one of the most exciting places in Europe to put your money right now, and it’s absolutely true that we’re seeing huge numbers of enquiries for buy-to-let properties in the area.

As noted on the Invest in Manchester website, ‘Manchester represents the largest UK city region economy outside London, with an economy worth £62.8 billion (GVA). This strength has enabled it to establish an outstanding reputation.

With access to 7.2 million people within a one-hour drive and over 100,000 students, Manchester provides unrivalled access to a wealth of talent and is a leading European business destination – the most successful UK city for attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) outside of London.’

Not only that, property prices are surging across the region as people flock to the city from all across the country following the pandemic. With people no longer required to be located within a certain catchment area for work, the opportunities for people outside the city region to move here are much bigger.

As reported by the Manchester Evening News, ‘All across Greater Manchester the average house price has risen over the last year, with Manchester being named by Zoopla as the UK city with the second largest price growth in the last year.’

Furthermore, the Buy Association noted that ‘Manchester has been breaking records for its hot rental market, as young professionals continue to hone in on the area and agents are inundated with enquiries.’

There are many saying that the city is crying out for more landlords and privately rented properties in the area as demand surges. If you’re interested in investing in property in the area why not get in touch with one of our specialists today?

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