The best places to avoid climate change

The best places to avoid climate change

More than likely, you’ll have seen recent coverage of the terrifying floods taking place across Europe, with flash flooding and storms occurring all over the continent.

They’ve caused devastation and destruction, leaving people’s businesses and homes in ruins even in places where people have rarely, if ever, seen flooding before.

Viral videos doing the rounds show roads being turned into rivers, as well as terrifying amounts of rain falling over an extremely short period of time.

Most scientists and politicians are now agreed that this flooding is the result of climate change and global warming, with research now suggesting that we’re likely to see increasingly extreme weather in the coming years and decades, and that this is something the world is going to need to prepare for.

As a property investor, it’s an issue worth thinking about for the future, so we’ve listed some of the safest cities in the UK that are unlikely to be affected by climate change.

Protection from climate change

According to a new study by global risk analytics company Verisk Maplecroft (VM), which has assessed the threat from climate change to the fastest growing urban centres worldwide over the next 30 years, five of the world’s safest cities are actually in the UK.

In terms of extreme weather, the report says that UK cities and towns are most likely to suffer from worsening winter storms that will bring heavy rainfall, strong winds and flooding.

Of course, low lying areas are always vulnerable to flooding and extreme weather, but the areas that were once considered at risk is expanding to areas previously considered relatively safe.

Considering the fact that property is considered a long term investment, it’s certainly worth considering whether, in the long term, your property could be at risk from climate change.

According to the data, however, the UK is one of the best protected countries in the world against extreme weather, with five UK cities in the list of the most insulated: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast, Preston and Middlesbrough.

Investment for the long term

The UK property market right now is very hot and we’re seeing some of the highest traffic in years thanks to a very strong environment.

UK cities are predicted to grow at one of the fastest paces in the world, as well as UK towns and other urban areas.

Many of our properties are in areas that are considered excellent for long term growth, and as you can see, most are in areas that are now protected from longer term dangers from climate change.

If property investment is something you’ve been considering, then why don’t you get in touch with us today and speak to one of our specialists about some of the investment opportunities we’ve got?

We have a number of properties that are tenanted, and with excellent yield potential, so if you’re looking at long term sustainability and growth, speak to us today.

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