The UK’s best property investment areas

The UK’s best property investment areas

As the country eases itself out of lockdown and stretches tentatively into late spring, there’s an unmistakable party atmosphere beginning to emerge across the UK.

As the country eases itself out of lockdown and stretches tentatively into late spring, there’s an unmistakable party atmosphere beginning to emerge across the UK.

Following pubs opening last week as well as non-essential retail and hairdressers, many are now looking excitedly towards May 17th and June 21st, the next steps in the government’s roadmap out of lockdown and eventual freedom. This excitement was only enhanced by the Prime Minister himself recently clarifying that he sees no reason (currently) to delay the government’s plans of lifting social restrictions before the end of June.

With the European championship going ahead this summer too and England in action, the UK economy is expected to explode in the second half of this year as Brits spend some of the billions they’ve got saved up from the pandemic during restrictions.

That’s not the whole story, either, with the UK property market booming even during the lockdown last year, and continuing to see huge activity into spring, with this growth expected to continue well into and possibly beyond this year.

That has prompted more enquiries than ever from potential landlords and those looking to expand their portfolios, so we’re going to take a look at the red-hot investment areas in the UK in 2021.

The top 3 areas in the UK:

1. Manchester

Before the pandemic the Manchester property market was booming, with investors from all over the world looking to get into the market here.

With a city that’s population is growing faster than anywhere else in the UK and two world class universities right on its doorstep, there’s no lack of interest or tenants around the area and rents in the city held steady in 2020 as London rents fell by nearly 10%.

2. Hull

Perhaps considered one of the less glamorous options for investors previously, the city is quickly shaking off the preconceptions that many held in years gone by.

Named UK city of culture in 2017 it has seen a huge jump in tourism and people moving to the city from all across the country. Despite its huge rise in popularity house prices haven’t shot through the roof and property in the region remains very affordable, meaning it’s a much lower entry cost for many prospective investors.

With great yields and a rising rental demand, it ranks highly for savvy property investors this year.

3. Liverpool

One of the UK’s most famous cities, Liverpool is part of the resurgence in prosperity seen all across the north west of England.

Home not just to the Beatles and two world famous football teams, the city boasts some of the best yields anywhere in the country and has seen a huge economic boom since the 1990’s, with regeneration projects and investment all helping to build its profile.

Again, entry price remains one of the most attractive features about housing in the city region, with good rental demand, rising rental prices and great yields.

UK Property

In truth, the great majority of places in the UK are going to be a great investment this year as the handbrake is taken off the economy and people return to normality.

With most of England seeing house price rises of 8% or above in 2020, even in the midst of a pandemic and recession, many are now predicting this could be one of the best years for UK property on record, so if you’re considering investing, now is the time.

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