UK investment property continues to grow

UK investment property continues to grow

It feels as though everybody could do with a bit of good news at the moment. Well, here we are to oblige by doing a run down of the latest UK investment property news for investors and landlords.

The current economic situation in the UK could be described as uncertain and there are absolutely issues in the stock markets and crypto markets, as well as high inflation and rapid price rises in food and fuel.

This pressure on household incomes is rightly the focus of much of the political debate across the country, the US and Europe right now, but there is good news in the property market. Here are just a few things that have been happening recently that suggest the market is robust and flourishing.

Prices rising quickly in cities

According to Property Investor News, new data from Knight Frank shows that property prices are growing at a healthy rate around the world, but especially in cities.

They report that ‘The latest (Q1 2022) Global House Price Index from Knight Frank has revealed that house prices across 56 countries and territories worldwide increased by 10.2% on average in the year to March 2022.

Despite mounting headwinds, there are still only two markets (Malaysia and Morocco) where prices declined over the 12-month period. Furthermore, 45% of markets are still registering double-digit price growth on an annual basis.’

They also note that prices are rising especially quickly in cities, possibly thanks to people returning to city living following the pandemic, as well as superior supply for rental properties in city and urban areas.

Rental yields remain strong

According to new mortgage data as reported by Buy Association many landlords are enjoying better than ever yields that are reliable and stable, amid a growing and healthy UK investment property market.

Eleanor Harvey reports ‘The Rental Barometer shows, yields are holding up well, and while we have seen a drop-off since the highs of last year, in general, there has been consistency across most regions on a quarterly basis.

Buy-to-let landlords operating in Wales and the East Midlands are the two regions to have seen a slight increase in rental yields when looking on a quarterly basis.

The north west, West Midlands and south west have reported no change in the barometer’s quarter-on-quarter comparison, indicating ongoing stability in these regions.

The highest rental yields for landlords continue to be found in the north west, north east and Yorkshire and the Humber’

A good time to invest in UK investment property

As current landlords and investors will be aware, now is an extremely good time to either buy your first UK investment property or look to expand your portfolio.

In many regions the price rises in property as well as strong rental yield returns are meaning that property and buy-to-let investors are able to beat inflation and protect, as well as grow, their wealth.

With our ready-made buy-to-let investment properties you’re more than able to get into the market in a manner that suits you, your budget and your location.

If you’d like some advice or to speak to a specialist about your needs then why not get in touch today?

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