When is the right time to sell a buy-to-let property?

When is the right time to sell a buy-to-let property?

One of the most common questions that we get when talking to potential sellers is, when is the right time to sell a buy-to-let property?

Ultimately, it’s not a question we can answer for you definitively, but it’s certainly something we can advise on and each case will be different depending on your own individual circumstances.

We can, however, answer some of the most common questions we get in regard to the process, and talk through some common circumstances we come across when landlords come to us to sell a buy-to-let property on their behalf.

When should I sell a buy-to-let property?

One common reason is that landlords need quick access to cash or equity, and the best way to raise funds is by selling one of their investments.

Unfortunately, selling a buy-to-let property is quite a niche pursuit, and the vast majority of the time you’re going to need to find another landlord or investor to buy your property as it may have tenants in place.

At yieldit, we eradicate the worry of having to narrow things down as we work with property investors from around the world who are specifically looking for buy-to-let properties, which is why we see so many landlords and investors return to us.

Is it a good time to sell in 2022?

The best time to sell a buy-to-let property is when it’s the right time for you. Another reason a lot of landlords approach us to sell their property for them is that they’re moving away or retiring.

Despite having a large portfolio of agents at hand that can help landlords run their privately let properties, it can also still be stressful when you need to keep your accounts, pay for maintenance and pay tax on your earnings.

Again, retirement or moving away can mean that it’s a good time to release the money within an investment to pay for retirement, to leave to children or to gift.

Is buy-to-let still worth it in 2022?

This is a question that’s been posed to us a number of times following the economic turmoil of recent governments, the Ukraine war and the cost of living crisis.

In the long run, buy-to-let is always a good investment and almost certainly always worth it as an investment asset that can provide capital growth as well as a passive income.

That being said, it’s not for everybody, and after a while, there can be a variety of reasons why landlords decide that they’d rather put their money somewhere else, buy a different buy-to-let closer or less hassle, or even just take the money to enjoy.

If you’re in a situation where you’re looking to sell a buy-to-let property and you’d like some advice, then why not get an instant FREE valuation today here?

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