Which areas of the home should landlords make the most presentable?

Which areas of the home should landlords make the most presentable?

New research from Hitachi Personal Finance shows which areas of the home people notice first. This data is interesting as it gives an excellent indication to landlords as to where small improvements could be made to increase tenant demand.

The study showed that, naturally, many of the first areas people notice are on the entry to the home, including the front door/porch (30%), the hallway/staircase (30%) and the driveway/front garden (27%). This means that it is crucial for landlords to make sure that each of these areas are presented as best as they can be for any potential viewings.

When it comes to front doors a splash of colour can make all the difference, whilst door knockers, stained glass and hanging baskets all appeal to tenants, drawing the eye to the property. Interestingly the study showed that whilst the entrance to a house is considered an important area to be noticed right away, only 2% of homebuyers think this of their own house when they move in – instead the focus tends to be on replacing things like kitchens and bathrooms.

When it comes to renting, though, it is definitely the first impression that counts with tenants who will often be looking for short term appeal as opposed to long-term property changes.

Looking at the results it is important that the hallways and staircases of a rental property should be neatly presented and ideally touched up between tenants for maximum impact. The same can be said for front gardens which would benefit from a sprucing up and planting. When looking to attract a new set of tenants a lick of paint and updates to décor are always recommended and it is likely that freshening up the look of the place will positively impact on getting a property let faster.

The study from Hitachi Personal Finance also highlighted some differences between men and women when it comes to first impressions, with more women taking note of the overall d̩cor (28%) first, compared to 21% of men. The data also showed that women were likely to notice the odour of a house (21%) compared to their male counterparts (13%) Рyou never know, an investment in a reed diffuser could go a long way!

The top five things people notice first in a home:

1. Front door / porch (30%)
2. Hallway/entry hall/staircase (30%)
3. Driveway / front garden (27%)
4. Overall decor / Interior design (25%)
5. Living room (23%)

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