Why UK buy-to-let is the best investment

Why UK buy-to-let is the best investment

It may not seem this way, but there are sections of the British economy that are performing very strongly indeed, even though there are other areas that are absolutely struggling and underperforming, so we thought we’d break down why UK buy-to-let is the best investment in the current times.

Quite rightly, a lot of the bandwidth of current news organisations is dedicated to the cost of living crisis, inflation, fuel crisis and the rise in the cost of energy.

Not just the increase of costs in people’s daily lives, but currently equity markets and many traditional pathways for investment and wealth protection are struggling too. UK and global stock markets are currently in ‘bear’ territory, whilst gold prices are slipping and most crypto prices are in freefall.

That leaves a lot of investors, new and experienced, wondering where they can place their money so that it’s protected against inflation and earning an income. Well, thankfully for you, the UK buy-to-let property market continues to boom, with an abundance of options for investors of all stripes.
There are a number of factors as to why UK buy-to-let is the best investment on offer. Firstly, due to the very robust and stable nature of the market, it’s often quite easy to get lending from banks and other financial institutions, given that they’re aware it’s a very stable investment.

Why UK buy-to-let is the best investment

Secondly, rental property offers a secondary income, meaning that not only is your investment appreciating in value, but it’s also providing you with an income at the same time. With yields in the region of 7%, for example, you’d really struggle to find anywhere in the shares market providing those kinds of dividends. The income is also monthly, rather than quarterly or yearly, like with share dividends.

Finally, your money can be inflation protected, considering the average property grew by 10% per year in value over the past two years. With inflation running at around 7% at the moment, this is one of the very few investments that can offer you inflation-busting returns.
The buy-to-let properties that we sell are some of the best ways to get involved in UK property investment.

How do I invest in buy-to-let?

Firstly, there’s a variety of property at different entry prices. If you’re looking for property but don’t have a huge budget we have a range of investment properties for under £100k across the country in areas that are hugely up and coming with large yields.

Secondly, we can offer properties in a variety of areas, from established city and urban centres with established rental markets, to more up and coming areas with high yields such as the north east of England.

Furthermore, the vast majority of our properties are already tenanted, meaning that you have a guaranteed rental income from day one, often with long term tenants that don’t require further admin and cost to try and rent the property out.

These are just a few reasons as to why UK buy-to-let is the best investment in the current economy. If property investment is something you’ve considered, why not take a look through our range of income generating buy-to-let properties here?

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